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Flash/Pendrive Recovery

Whether you are storing your data on an external USB hard drive, USB ‘thumbdrive’, SD card, or still using older media’s, Circuit Blue Data Recovery Services can assist in times of need. Removable storage devices are utilized in both the computing environment and for other digital capture devices such as cameras. Some removable media available today are approaching the performance, capacity and cost of hard disk drives.

At Circuit Blue Data Recovery Services, we are able to retrieve lost data from:

USB Hard Drives

USB thumbdrives

Digital Camera Media – SD cards, microSD, Compact Flash

SSD Drives

Causes of SSD or Flash Data Loss:

SSD and Flash devices also suffer hardware failure. Following are the type of SSD/Flash device failure.

  • Hardware Failure
  • Human Error
  • File Systems Corruption
  • Power Surge
  • Electronic Failure