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How to Choose Right CPU

The Central Processing Unit(CPU) is the most integral part of a computer or Laptop. The CPU performs the task of providing instruction and power that computer needs to do its work or function. Choosing the best CPU is crucial when you are buying a new PC or upgrading the existing one.

There are few factors that you should know before purchasing a CPU which is compatible for your PC.  This article will help you in choosing the best CPU.

1. AMD or Intel?

The two great manufactures of processors in the market now are AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and Intel (Integrated Electronics). Previously Intel was the first choice when it comes for a budget friendly purchase. AMD remains the choice of whom looks for a powerful gaming PC. The scenario has been changed now and the difference between two processors has come down. Both offers excellent processors for gaming and other task like editing and coding.

Intel or AMD
Intel or AMD

If you go for a budget friendly purchase, then you can choose either Intel i3-9100 or Ryzen 3 3100 . The AMD’s best available now is Ryzen9 5900X and 5950X whereas Intel’s best is i9-12900K. AMD CPU’s are highly durable and secure and can last for long time if you maintain them in good condition. Intel CPU’s also can last longer depends upon the usage of software and gaming. Highly intensive use of graphic designing and gaming will result Intel CPU longevity a bit smaller. AMD processors offer more Cores and threads than intel which make its suitable for perform high end task. Intel processors are expensive while AMD’s are budget friendly. Intel is best known for power saving performance and less prone to heating. AMD CPU’s are prone to excessive heating and power consumption is more when compared to intel. Latest Ryzen series have best cooling mechanism. Intel is best in single core performance whereas AMD is good at multi core performance.

Whether your choice is Intel or AMD, your CPU should be compatible with your motherboard.

Below are the few specifications you should know before choosing the best CPU.

2. Core Count.

A Core is like individual processors or microprocessor within the CPU. Today processor features multiple cores. The more core means more fast and multiple tasks can be handled at given time. For basic user’s dual core processor is sufficient and for gamers or designers’ processors with extra core is recommended.

3. Threads and Multi-Threading (Hyper-Threading).

Threads means the number of task that Core can perform at a time. CPU with more Thread offer better efficiency and multitasking. Intel use Hyper-threading and AMD use simultaneous multi-Threading to achieve this.

4. Clock Speed.

Clock speed means the number of cycles that are performed at every second. This is the rate at which the processor processes the instruction. The higher the clock speed means the more task processor can complete. This is denoted in MHz(megahertz) or GHz(gigahertz). Hence computer with higher Clock speed are better and faster in performance.

5. Socket Type.

This is the interface made up of pins and connectors on the motherboard where the processor is mounted in order to connect to other components. It is important to make sure that your motherboard and processor socket type matches. Whether you choose AMD or Intel , the CPU must compatible with your motherboard. Both could share the same socket type but will not be compatible with your motherboard.

6. Integrated Graphics

Most CPU has Integrated Graphics on the chip itself. So, there is no need of a separate graphics card or GPU. Graphic processing is the main task of this processor. Some users need an additional graphic card in their system for extra graphical performance.

Know Your Need : Primarily, understand the intended use of the PC will be. Better understanding of your need help you to spend the money wisely.

There are numerous options available in market today that matches your requirement and budget. Circuit Blue can assist you in choosing the best CPU .

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