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FAQ about Data Recovery

Data loss can happen to anyone. Losing files and documents will often have impact whether it is personal or official. When it comes to Data recovery there are many doubts comes in mind. We have compiled few common questions raised by customers and answered here.

Q1. How much does it cost for Data Recovery?

Answer: Data recovery cost is not fixed. The very first stage of recovery process is Device Diagnosing. After this stage only, we will be able to identify whether the data is recoverable or not and how long it need to recover data and the replacement parts required etc. The Cost is calculated based on the replacement parts required and the recovery time taken. Few other important factors are the clean room charges, data security, and the World class technology used for safe data recovery.

Read this article to know more about this.

Q2. Why Data recovery takes time or How long does the recovery process take?

 Answer: The time taken to complete the recovery time depends on the condition of the media received, availability of replacement parts etc. As said earlier Device Diagnosing of the media is the first step and it will take2 business days. After diagnosing we will provide with the actual time needed to complete the recovery process. We will update the progress in the meantime. We also offer priority service for emergency cases where the turn around time will be less compared to standard cases. The recovery cost for the priority is higher than standard scenario. There are cases which cannot be predicted earlier which will take a months’ time for recovery.

Q3. Is the cost of Data recovery applicable only for the required data or the entire data recovered?

 Answer: This is one of the common questions asked by customers. In certain cases, customer needed only few GB data or a single file or a folder. Whereas in other cases customer call for entire data from the device. In both cases the cost of recovery remains same. That means data recovery cost doesn’t not depend on the size of the data to be recovered. The Technical effort required to retrieve 1GB of data and the entire data from the device are equal. Recovery is not a copy paste method. Hence the cost of recovering 1GB data and 1TB or more data are same.

Q4. Will my data remain confidential?

Answer: Absolutely YES. We have strict protocols and policy in place for the Data Privacy and Confidentiality. There is an option to sign NDA if the customer required so.

Q5. How will you return the recovered data to me?

 Answer: There are 2 options for customer to copying the recovered data. One is Customer can provide a device by themselves for copying the data. Another option is that buying a new device from Circuit Blue for copying the data. In second option we can advise you with the best device suitable for your purpose.

Q6. Data is lost can i get my hard disk repaired and get the data?

Answer: Few customers confused over the term HDD repair and HDD recovery. If your HDD is not working or have some issues and you really need your data back, the only option is HDD recovery and that too by professional data recovery company. Once your HDD is repaired all your data will wiped out and you will not get your data back.

Q7. How can a waterlogged HDD to be treated and will I get my data back?

Answer: The first step is to remove the HDD from water if it is still in water. Do not try to dry it off as it will do more damages to the internal parts. Never try it to plugin as it will cause short circuits inside and will damage the electronic parts. All you can do is pack the device properly and give the same to a professional Data Recovery company. Your quick action in these cases will help in maximum possible data recovery.

Q8. Can you recover my data in my presence since the data is personal?

Answer: No. Data recovery process is very sensitive and carried out in sensitive dust free environment.  Circuit Blue adhere strict Data security policy. Allowing third person in our lab will be a breach to our data security policy. In no cases we can allow any violation to our policy. Your data will be safe and confidential in our Lab as we strictly follow data privacy and confidentiality policy.

Q9. My PC/ HDD is making sound, vibrations or not detectable. Can I get my data back?

Answer: In this scenario it is not advisable to use the device further as it will do more damages to the device. It will reduce the chances or increase the complexities of data recovery process. Handover your device to a professional Data Recovery team for data recovery.

Q10. How should I send my device for recovery?

Answer: Customers have 2 options to handover the device for data recovery. Either customer can handover the device directly to our facility or can ship the device which is properly packed to our facility. It is highly advised to pack the device properly as improper packaging leads to reduce the possibility of data recovery. Please find more details about Packaging Instruction.

Q11. Can I see the data before making the payment?

Answer: Absolutely YES! Customers have the privilege to see whether the data they required is recovered completely or not before the payment.

Q12. How can I check my recovered data?

Answer: Customer can either come directly to our facility to check the data or can be connected via remote session to verify the recovered data.

Tips to Save your Data from further Damage:

  • DO NOT try to open the HDD by yourselves.
  • HDD should only be open in a Clean Room facility.
  • If your HDD/media is not responding or making sound, Do Not use it further as it will make more damages to the data.
  • Always approach a Professional Data Recovery Company for your data recovery requirements.

For any support and guidance regarding the above information please reach out to Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts @09962000271, @09962000270, @09962000273


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