• Do not move your computer when it is Switched ON. Never knock it off.
  • When you are going to take a break from using your computer for a rest, a snack or a meal its best to leave it on. If you are going to leave it for several hours it’s ok to turn it off properly.
  • Be careful about the surrounding area. Your PC needs a good circulation of air. When your computer runs hot it may affect the system and your hard drive. It’s best to place it at a free space and clean it as often.
  • Defragment your drive. Your drive should be used in the most efficient way as possible; defragmenting your drive helps you to achieve that. This will extend the life of your drive by compacting your files and therefore, read heads don’t move as much. Thus, can decrease the work of your hard drive.
  • A lot of OS today can help your hard drive from failure by using power saver options. A Windows 7 computer shut down Hard drive for 20 minutes that can make your hard drive last longer.

A Hard drive lifespan is approximately 5 years, but with constantly falling prices in hard drives, it is more sensible to replace your hard drives every 3 years.

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