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Data recovery Myth and Facts

Losing data is a nightmare whether it is professional data or personal data. In today’s world data is precious and the key factor in taking critical decisions. Data loss occur in various ways. There are few misconceptions exist regarding data recovery and in this blog, we debunking few misconceptions. When there is a data lost, don’t panic, and get help from a professional data recovery team.

Myth 1: A data recovery software is an ultimate solution for all Data Loss scenarios.

Fact: Once data is lost, recovering it is a complex process. There are scenarios where people try to recover data with the help of data recovery software. By doing so, you are putting your data into risk. There are chances where this action will result in permanent data loss. Also, this will not provide you complete data recovery. If the hard drive is physically damaged and data is crucial, then getting help from professional data recovery team is the wise solution. Data recovery process is carried out in a specialized clean room facility with precise tools and devices.

Myth 2 : Putting Hard Drive in Freezer

Fact : The idea of freezing your hard drive when the HDD is overheating is not a wise solution. This will do more damages to hard drive. Due to condensation the mechanical parts inside the hard drive will get severely damaged and result in permanent data loss.

Myth 3: Data can be taken by repairing a damaged Hard drive

Fact: People often confuse between hard disk recovery and hard disk repair. These two are two different process. If data in the hard disk is important and not accessible then hard disk data recovery is the option you should go for. In some cases the data is not important and need the hard disk then repairing the hard disk is the choice.

Myth 4: Once data is deleted/reformatted, it is gone forever.

Fact: When you found out that a file got deleted from your device, the first thing you must do is take help from a professional data recovery team. When a file is deleted from a device a free space will be created in that address. When you work on that device further and delaying the data recovery means the chances to get the data restored is getting lessen. Hence, If data is important and it is deleted accidently, act promptly.

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