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Why Data Recovery is Expensive

Failure of Hard disk or any storage device leads to Data loss. Data loss is a nightmare whether it is personal or business data. Recovering the lost data is the next step which is indeed a crucial one. Finding out the best Data recovery company is very important as every step-in data recovery process is sensitive. In this article we will see the factors decide the cost of data recovery.


Data recovery cost is not fixed. It varies according to the device, condition of the device, identified issue, donor availability etc. In some cases, it can cost a lot. Not all issues behind the data loss are the same. The very first thing a professional recovery team should do is Device Diagnosing. Lets go through the factors which affect the Data recovery cost.

1. Technology

 The technology used in the Data recovery process are not cheap. Professional data recovery companies use powerful software’s and hardware’s to explore the methodologies to recover the lost data.  In addition to that the license needs to run all these technologies are super pricey. All these needs updations time to time.

2. Data Security

As everyone is aware , data is sensitive. To protect customer data, needs high level data security implementation. This cost money too. Data security has different aspects which needs to be perform at optimum levels. This needs frequent updates and upgrades so that we can avoid all potential risk of data breach and malware attacks. All this will help your data being safe in the lab.

Data Security – Circuit Blue The Data Recovery Experts

3. Replacement Elements

Most of components of the storage devices are fragile and are prone to damage. In such cases, the components need to be replaced in order to recover the data properly. However, not every component is readily available with the team. This requires constant rapport with domestic as well as oversees suppliers. The factors which decide the cost includes the short notice and shipping cost of the components.

4. Lab & Clean Room Setup

One of the significant areas of investment goes in a data recovery company is the setting up of Cleanroom. A cleanroom setup is equipped with clean air quality, proper ventilation, dust-free environment and proper temperature. All these factors are needed for effective recovery process which in turn provide data at a higher rate. Moreover, the maintenance of clean room setup itself is costly.

Clean Room – Circuit Blue the Data Recovery Experts

5. Recovery Time

Another key reason behind the recovery cost is the recovery time. Recovery time is not same for all devices. There are many variables that plays behind the recovery process. In fact complex cases take month for complete recovery. This process needs huge power consumption as well. It is unpredictable about the exact time of data recovery unless and until the drive is thoroughly diagnosed by an expert engineer.

6. Experienced Engineers and Expertise Team

Data recovery is a complicated process. Hence this process demand highly trained and experienced team to handle the entire process. Analyzing the issue and finding out the correct way to recover your data needs significant amount of time and effort. Besides, some solutions comes with experience only. The engineers should be highly skillful and effective in repairing and replacing fragile components. Also, they are highly trained to operate exclusive tools and software’s that assist in data recovery process.

Note: In Data recovery business, the business operations run 24/7 to explore the possibility of recovering your data. Therefore, one thing is sure i.e.  the cost involved of not getting back your required data is same as the cost of the complete data recovery.

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