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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or (AR) can be explained as overlaying of digital elements on to our real world environment by enhancing it through computer generated input. AR is the enhancement of the real world with virtual objects and allows us to blend both digital and physical world.

When a person’s real world is enhanced with computer generated components such as visual, audio or graphics then it becomes AR. We spend most of time looking at screens such as mobile phones, laptops, TV etc. AR provide users a new exciting experience in a different way.

The best known example of AR technology is the mobile game called ‘Pokemon Go’ where the user catch and collect the characters which are super imposed in our real world.

Other popular examples of AR are Snapchat (Mobile app), Google translate, Google Glass (This displays 2D images into the users field of vision or the glasses), Microsoft’s HoloLens (provides a 3D display of real world around you).

Augmented Reality is one of the top trending technology around the world . Investors are heavily investing in these technologies now a days. AR has many uses across various industry sector. Here are few examples

1. Retail Business

In Retail Business, companies offer customers to try their products before use with the help of AR. For example, furniture giant IKEA allows users to use their smartphone to scan or take picture of their room and pick the furniture and placing it in your room to see how it looks like. This makes shopping easier. Also L’Oreal and Sephora allow their customers to see how the make-up product will look.

Augmented Reality in Retail by IKEA
Augmented reality by IKEA PC-IKEA

2. Education and Training

There being a swift adoption of AR application in Education sector. It helps students to understand the subjects and concepts easily. AR helps students to gain knowledge through visuals, virtual field trip, interaction with others etc. This make learning interested and students will be interested in exploring the new concepts. For this all you need is 1.A smartphone 2. Internet Connection and AR app(educational purpose).

3. Industry

AR technology take a big leap in industries now and is widely used in day to day operation in many sectors of industries. AR implementation increased the productivity. Few application of AR in different sectors are

  •             Product Design and Development: With the help of AR, engineers can design the product and can see how the product will look in the real world. This will also help them to analyze and amend the design if required.
  •             Product Assembly and Maintenance: With the help of AR technology employees get an extra insight in doing complex task and thereby minimize errors. AR system can provide assistance in repair and maintenance work even a technician can do it remotely.
  •             Warehouse Logistics: In Warehouse industry, identifying and locating a product become easier with the help of AR. All this leads to increase the productivity and minimize the error.

4.  HealthCare

            One of the most complex yet significant area which is currently undergoing a tremendous change is medical healthcare. AR has proven to be beneficial in medical field in numerous ways. Helping Nurses in Vein detection and Assisting Surgeons in streamlining surgical procedures are few examples of adopting AR. For patients AR helps in getting doctor consultation and sometimes assistance in filling some complex insurance documents as well. AR assist in patients wellbeing areas such as Rehabilitation, Fitness training, Physical therapy and Healthy eating habits.

Augmented Reality in Healthcare
AR in HealthCare PC-Forbes

5. Travel and Tourism

            One of the potential area of AR is Travel and Tourism industry. AR helps in boosting travel experience for tourist. AR can be implemented in areas such as Tourist destination, Accommodation, Hospitality, transport and many more. Providing customers a visual tour of the Hotel and environments gives them more confident and your business looks promising also. AR based apps can help tourists in identifying and exploring the ancient buildings, famous landmarks and sceneries which will give them amazing travel experience.

6. Military/Defence Training

            There are significant use of AR in military and defence today. One example of using AR in defence is providing training to soldiers. Another effective use of AR is maintenance of Aircraft, and other equipment. Training pilots is another complex area and AR plays a significant role in this training.

Augmented Reality has countless application in Business. Lets look forward how this technology is going to breakthrough each business in coming years.

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