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Data Loss Statistics Causes-Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts
Data Loss Statistics Causes-Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts

Data is changing the face of our world. Based on Data only all decisions are being made in this new business world. Hence, Data has become an integral part of all Business. Therefore, you should always have a plan for keeping your Data safe. Data loss could be occurred due to a careless mistake, security breach etc.

Here are the ways you can prevent Data Loss.

1.BackUp Data on a Regular Basis

The most effective way to prevent data loss is to back up all your files and documents in a separate Disk. Take backups consistently. Categorize your data based on the significance and implement a structured backup plan. Store your backups in a separate location will prevent the loss of data due to theft or physical destruction. Checks should be done and ensure your data is being backed up properly.

2.Use Cloud Storage

Another effective way is to take a backup and store in Cloud. Data is saved remotely and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time through internet. Cloud has more space compare to traditional servers and is not at risk of crashing. Cloud storage avoids the possibility of data theft and physical damage.

3.Use Firewall and Anti-Virus Software.

The very first crucial step you must take in preventing data loss is install a best Antivirus software and Firewall. Since, viruses and malware can steal your crucial data and lead to a data breach, it is recommended to update and maintain these Software’s properly.

4.Encrypt Sensitive Data and Create Access Levels.

Sensitive Data should be Encrypted and stored. Therefore, it is always recommended to encrypt the data especially when its transferring from one place to another. Also create specific access levels for each employee to access the data based on the significance of Data. Hence, authorized person can only access the data, and this will avoid unnecessary exposure of data to unauthorized persons.

5.Keep Your Computer Clean and Dry.

Dust or moisture build up in computer/laptop will lead to overheat and Crash and thereby damage the hardware. It is always best to keep your computer/laptop in a Safe, Dry and Dust free environment.

6.Implement Security Training to Employees.

Human Error is one of the main cause of data loss. Educate the employees about the importance of Data and train them to handle the data in a proper way. Policies should be framed and implemented regarding Data security.

7.When There is a Data Loss, Professionals are the Way.

If you do loss your data, Do not ever try to recover it by your own. It will cause more damages to your data and the possibility if data recovery. Please contact the Data Recovery experts to get your data recovered in a safe way.

Data Loss Statistics-Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts
Data Loss Statistics-Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts

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