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Everyone might experience an accidental deletion of photos, video, file, document etc. Both professional and personal lives will be impacted when there is a damage happened to computer, mobile, camera etc. This will create unnecessary chaos. Handling the situation in a brilliant way and finding a solution is the key to avoid the chaos caused by the Data Loss.

There are few things that you should Do and Should not Do which will increase the possibilities of recovering your Data.

Do's and Don'ts of  Data Loss - Circuit Blue The Data recovery experts
Do’s and Don’ts of Data Loss – Circuit Blue The Data recovery experts


1. Take a note of activates performed on the system.

It is important to access the situation and understanding of what happened .Write down if you found any suspicious activities occurred at your device. It could be anything like noise, burning smell or virus activity. What are the files that you might think missing or deleted? This will be helpful for the recovery process.

2. Stop the device usage

Further use of the device could make more damages and make recovery tough. Hence it is advisable to discontinue the use of the affected system.

3. When there is an unusual change in system, Backup the files immediately.

If this is an external Hard disk, connect the disk to a separate system to check if the backup is available for the data you might think is lost.

4. If the drive is making any noise, turn off the system immediately

In this scenario it is not advisable to use the system for any further use. The Noise is a sign of damage of the drive. Using the system further might lead to permanent data loss.

5. Call a professional for the Data Recovery.

Always contact a Professional Data recovery company for your Data recovery services.

Don’t s

1. Do not Panic.

When you suspect a Data loss the first thing is Keep calm and Don’t Panic. Things perform under panic situation will lead things into chaos. Hence take a moment to understand the situation and take wise decisions.

2. Do not forcibly run the Hard drive as it makes more damages.

This step is mentioned earlier also as this is one of the crucial one. If you suspect any Data loss do not use the device further.

3. Do not open your Hard drive and expose the media.

This is the most crucial thing that everyone should understand and follow. Once you open the hard disk the media will be exposed, and this will make recovery harder or even not possible. Unless you are a professional and have clean room, opening the hard disk is not advisable.

4. Do not Install/add/copy any program to the disk.

Installing or copying any data recovery programs or software’s on the same path of the disk will lead to permanent data loss.

5. Do not try any DIY’s or Home Remedies.

Finally, you should not attempt to do anything to the damaged disk by your own. These home methods often lead to more damages and even permanent Data loss.

Overall, when you experience a Data loss Stay Calm, try to understand the situation and Act Wisely. All your crucial actions are helpful for the maximum data recovery.

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