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External Drive Recovery

Circuit Blue -The Data Recovery Experts offers data recovery services for external hard drives that no longer function correctly due to mechanical, electrical, and firmware failures.   Western Digital MyBooks, WD MyPassports, Seagate GoFlex and Seagate Free Agent external drives frequently fail leaving data inaccessible.

Did you Know??

  • External hard drives are just desktop or notebook hard drives enclosed in a portable case.
  • External hard drives have a x3 higher failure rate than desktop or notebook hard drives.
  • The most common problem with external hard drives are bad or "dead" sectors caused by excess heat and / or sustaining impact.

All Manufacturer Brands

How do Hard Drives Loss Data?

Data loss can happen at any time and can happen in the most unexpected ways. We can recover your data from the most unlikely disasters.


Deleted Files, Deleted Partitions, Formatted Drives, Lost BIOS


Clicking or Ticking Noises, Power Failures, Head Crashes


Power Surges, Incorrect Power Supplies

Heart Stopping

Dropped / Knocked Drives, Fire Damaged, Water / Flood Damage