Data Destruction

    Data Destruction and Declassification

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Guidelines for Media Sanitization recommends three different ways to "sanitize" a hard drive. Circuit Blue Data Recovery can help bring you into compliance.

    Our Data Destruction expertise include:

  • US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M
  • Hard Drive and Dat Tape degaussing
  • Hard Drive and Platter Destruction
  • CDROM and DVD Shredding, Perforation, and Declassifying
  • Floppy Disk Shredding
  • Video Cassettes Shredding
  • Carbon Tapes Shredding
  • Electronic Circuit Boards Shredding
  • DAT Cassette Shredding
  • Paper File Shredding
  • Credit, Debit, and Calling Card Shredding

Major Data Destruction Services

Data Degaussing

Data that is not completely expunged before the media is disposed of is vulnerable to exposure. To increase the security of your data, a secure, verified data destruction process is required.Whether you are performing data destruction services yourself or looking to outsource it to someone else, we can help. Circuit Blue’s specialists can assist in providing secure data destruction for you or we can help you verify your in-house erasure processes using DOD approved degaussing machines.

Key Features

  • Powerful – Destroys 100% of data with powerful 18,000 gauss magnetic impulse
  • Time efficient – Destroys all data from magnetic device in less than 4 seconds
  • Fully certified – CESG, BSI, CSA, NATO, NSM, Norwegian Accreditation
  • Erase even inaccessible devices – Destroy absolutely everything from all magnetic devices whether they are functioning or not

Physically Destroying Your Drive

Destroying a storage medium ensures that its data is unreadable. Typically this is carried out at an outsourced metal destruction or incineration facility with specific capabilities to perform these activities effectively, securely, and safely. Surprisingly, damaging disks by bending the platters by as little as a few millimeters has been found to destroy the disks beyond any form of practical data recovery – even though the data is still intact on them.

Even if your Hard Drive breaks down- the storage platters still contain information which can be read after repair. To avoid confidential information being potentially read by third parties, we can sanitize, degauss, or destroy the hard drive, permanently erasing data & rendering it useless. Circuit Blue Data Recovery provides a certificate of destruction with each destruction for your audit records.

On-site Data Destruction Services

    If your data is too sensitive to leave your location, or if you simply do not have the time or resources for secure erasure, we can help. Our technicians will travel to your location in order to provide secure data destruction on any media. We offer software erasure services for any type of media in need of erasure for reuse or disposal. Magnetic media such as hard drives and tapes can be permanently erased onsite using our Degausser.

    We provide you with a deletion report for each erasure which can be used for audit and compliance purposes. Start the process today by requesting a quote @ +91-99620 00271

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Erasure verification service

Is your data destruction method 100% effective? Submit your erased drives to ‘Circuit Blue’ and our data recovery specialists will examine it to make sure they are completely free of remaining data. Gain client confidence by providing a third-party verified data destruction process.

Data destruction before IT Asset Disposal Process

    While many of us do recycle electronic or computer equipment, what is not being highlighted enough is that when it comes to the destruction of any storage media deleting all their files, re-installing the operating system or formatting the drive is never enough. The data will probably reside on the disk, typically in unallocated space and it could be used maliciously in the wrong hands. Discarding computer equipment without due care could lead to irreparable, financial, political and personal damage to the owner or organisation.

    Can you afford to take such risks?

    Hard drive destruction is the only way to completely protect data. We provide a secure and guaranteed data destruction service by magnetically disabling the data on the drive and physically destroying them afterwards.

    Let us help you securely erase your data. Data Destruction is an important part of the data lifecycle and our experts can verify your in-house data deletion processes and they can securely erase data from any device. We can assist with all of your data destruction needs.

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