Smartphone/Tablet Recovery

Get back photos, contacts, SMS, documents, videos and all kind of data from your Smartphone or Tablet irrespective of data loss reasons.

Mobile data recovery from any
device and brand

We offer Professional Data Recovery Services for Mobile phones and Tablets Manufactured by Samsung, Apple, Redmi, OnePlus and more. Recover data from any brand laptop or desktop hard drive that is deleted by mistake, corrupted, or damaged .

Smartphones and Tablets store their data on NAND chips. The recovery process is somewhat similar to recovering data from pen drives and SD cards. The first step to mobile recovery is trying to recover the data natively by repairing the device. If this first step fails then we can remove the memory chips and program them to access the data directly. Many new phones encrypt the data stored and recovering data from such encrypted mobile devices are quite complex.

Mobile Operating Systems we support

We recover data from smartphones and tablets running different Operating systems like iOS, android, windows, and blackberry. We support all latest or major OS versions of these Operating systems.

Typical Causes for Mobile Data Loss

    Whether you have accidentally deleted important data from your smartphone or tablet, caused your device to lock itself by entering a wrong password, pattern lock, or a PIN Code, or your device simply experienced an electronic malfunction, our data recovery experts are here to help.

    We also offer extensive data recovery services for physically damaged mobile devices, including motherboard-level repairs for damage, such as:

  • Water damage
  • Screen touch interface failure
  • Power issues
  • Damaged ports and connectors
  • Rebooting continuously
  • Screen backlight failure
  • Short circuits on the motherboard
  • The type of data we normally recover includes : Contacts, Call History, Aps, Emails, Passwords, pictures taken on or transferred to the mobile device, SMS Messages, Documents, Music and Video files, WhatsApp message backups, Calendar. We can even extract existing and deleted data from apps such as: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, and more.

    If the device is damaged physically, our data recovery lab is fully equipped to make highly complex repairs often involving deep electronic cleaning, micro-soldering, chip-off data extractions, and more.

Mobile or Tablet Data Recovery Cost

    The extent of damage to the Hard Drive determines the cost of recovery.

    Mobile or Tablet data recovery cost can only be estimated after proper analysis by our experts in lab conditions.

    The Mobile or Tablet recovery cost greatly depends on:

  • Mobile or Tablet condition - working or not working?
  • What type of damage caused to the mobile device?
  • Mobile device manufacturer and Operating system
  • You need to submit your Mobile or Tablet to our data recovery lab for analysis. After completing the analysis, we can inform you:

  • Is Data Recovery from your Mobile or Tablet possible or not
  • Estimated Time for performing data recovery on your Mobile or Tablet
  • All inclusive cost for Mobile or Tablet Data Recovery

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Mobile or Tablet Recovery Process

What happens once you send us your Mobile or Tablet?

Once we receive your Mobile or Tablet, within 72 hours, our engineers will evaluate it. Since no two failures are exactly identical, our skilled engineers will test and verify every component to identify the failure and determine a course of action necessary to recover the data. Within this time period you will be contacted with our Diagnosing Report which mentions rates and process.

Upon your confirmation, we will start data recovery and will share list of files that is available for recovery in another 24 hours. The entire recovery process will be completed in 8-10 working days and data will be shared back to you.

Need Emergency/Priority Recovery Service?

When emergency data loss occurs, you need help fast! At Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts, we are on call 24/7 and can help you quickly get your data back!. Priority service is available for customers with time sensitive data.

An engineer will begin an assessment of your Mobile or Tablet and have the evaluation results within 4 hours. If approved, our engineer/engineers will work on your media continuously around the clock until your data is recovered. Some jobs are more complex and may take more time. To date, 95% of all expedite jobs are completed within 24 hour period.

Why Choose Circuit Blue
for Mobile or Tablet Recovery?

    We have the expertise to Recover your Lost Data from all types of Mobile or Tablet irrespective of its brand and model.

  • Free Consultation & Diagnosing Report
  • Highest Data Recovery Success using specialized process & technology
  • Complete Data Privacy and confidentiality
  • Certified ISO 5 Class 10 Clean Room for safe data recovery from your Mobile or Tablet
  • Highest Rated Data Recovery Service in Chennai (4.9 ★ in Google Reviews)
  • No-Data, No-Charge policy. No charge if unable to recover data.

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