Raid Data Recovery

Recover you Data from RAID Server irrespective of data loss reasons.

We offer RAID Data recovery from
these Manufacturer brands

We offer Professional RAID Data Recovery Services with the utmost speed and security. Recover data from any brand RAID server hard drives that are deleted by mistake, corrupted, or damaged.

We perform RAID data recoveries on

  • Any RAID level
  • Any RAID controller, RAID architecture including software-defined storage(SDS)
  • Any hard drive type, make or model
  • Supported File systems
    • Windows: FAT, exFAT, NTFS, ReFS
    • Linux: EXT2/3/4, XFS
    • MacOS: APFS, HFS, HFS+
    • VMware: VMFS

Typical Causes for RAID Data Loss

    Though RAID configurations offer the best assurance for data safety through redundancy, you may still lose RAID server data in situations like malware attack, natural disaster, multiple disk failure, physical damage, etc.

    If you think you have lost data because of any of the below causes, know that we offer enterprise grade data recovery solutions for RAID arrays. Here are some common failure occurs with RAID systems:

  • RAID server Crash
  • Physically disk damage
  • Failed RAID controller
  • Software Errors and Malfunctions
  • Virus or malware attack

RAID Server Data Recovery Cost

    RAID Hard disk recovery cost varies and can be estimated after proper analysis by our experts in lab.

    The RAID HDD recovery cost greatly depends on:

  • RAID Hard drive condition - Detecting, Not detecting or intermittently detecting?
  • What type of damage caused to RAID Hard Disk?
  • RAID Hard Disk storage capacity
  • RAID Hard Disk model and make
  • You need to submit your RAID hard disk to our data recovery lab for analysis. After completing the analysis, we can inform you:

  • Is Data Recovery from your RAID Hard Disk possible or not
  • Estimated Time for performing data recovery on your RAID HDD
  • All inclusive cost for RAID Hard disk Data Recovery

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  • Highest Rated Data Recovery Service in Chennai (4.9 ★ in Google Reviews)
  • No-Data, No-Charge policy. No charge if unable to recover data.
  • Emergency or Priority Recovery Service available

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