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Expand Your Service Offering With our Partner Program

If you often have customers inquiring about data recovery, you may be eligible for Circuit Blue’s partner program, which supports you on referred data recovery cases and provides special benefits for your customers, too.

As Circuit Blue partner, you'll receive:

  • Full support and guidance on every recovered case you refer.
  • Case monitoring tools.
  • A dedicated, technical point of contact.
  • Monthly reports detailing the outcomes of the cases you refer, your benefits and more.

Your clients receive:

  • The standard benefits of using Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts including online case tracking, multiple service levels for every data recovery need, and industry leading recovery rates.
  • Special promotional discount codes.

We are one of the only Data Management company to offer 24/7 service to all clients.
All service levels include a No Data, No Charge guarantee.

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Expand Your Service Offering With our Partner Program

    Partners & Consultants: Why not meet all of your client’s computer needs? As a member of Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Expert’s Partner program, you can provide your clients with data management services without taking on the costs and training necessary for the field. Our Partner program provides many benefits for Partners and Data consultants as well as their clients.

  • Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts is one of the leaders of the Data Management field, providing services like Data Recovery, Degaussing, Wiping, Restoring, Migration and Conversion needs for all clients including corporate.
  • We provides our Partners with full guidance and support for all the Data Management related enquires from their clients.
  • Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts has a comprehensive research & development program to ensure that only the latest techniques are used to manage data. With Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts, you know that your clients’ data is in the right hands.
  • We limit the number of Partners in a geographical area, and will refer clients from your area directly to you.
  • Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts provides some of the fastest turnaround times in the field, and is establishing multiple locations for faster turnaround.
  • Frequent updates supplied to all of our cases means less pressure on you.

Call +91 99620 00271 to join our Partner Program.

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