Data Migration/Conversion Services

    Data Migration is the transfer/translation of data from one storage type / format / device into another storage type / format / device.

    Standard Process for Data Migration Process

  • Assess -In the initial assessment phase, we ascertain the scenario and evaluate the data migration requirements.
  • Plan -Then, we plan a performance driven & cost effective data migration procedure in accordance to your budget guidelines.
  • Extract -Our highly trained professionals use state-of- the-art technology in retrieving the best quality of data from the sources.
  • Cleanse -The data is cleaned from any potential problems to ensure accurate data translation maintaining a high quality of data.
  • Load -Then, the data is loaded in the new system / format / device.
  • Verify -The loaded data is validated for accuracy and optimized application performance.

We can convert any type of media, regardless of operating system or other factors, and we follow strict security protocols when handling client data.

    Media conversion projects can seriously affect your business's productivity. Circuit Blue Data Recovery Services can help you control downtime and costs.

    We support all formats including:

  • Virtual Servers
  • Hard Drives and Solid-State Drives
  • RAID Systems
  • NAS and SAN
  • Flash Media and More

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