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Hard Drive Recovery

When looking for hard drive recovery services, trust the name relied on by more individual users, small and large business organization than any other – Circuit Blue-The Data Recovery Experts.

Our area of hard drive recovery expertise include:

  • Logical hard drive recovery
  • Electronic circuitry damage
  • Mechanical component degradation or failure
  • Internal / External physical assembly damages
  • Accidental or malicious catastrophic impairments

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Types of Hard Drives










When you’re experiencing data loss due to a crashed hard drive, Circuit Blue experts are here to provide you with the confidence of knowing your data is in the capable hands of specialized data recovery experts.

How do Hard Drives Loss Data?

While there are a multitude of possibilities, there are four main causes of data loss.

Logical Disk Failure

Data has become corrupt by accidentally reformatting a drive, attack by a virus , partitions that have become lost or certain crucial files that were accidentally deleted.

Component or Mechanical Failure

In Hard drive, the motor can simply stop working or the head can crash. Should this happen, it's likely your data will not be accessible without expert attention.

Failure of Electronics

Electricity (using the correct voltage) is the fuel for your system, should the voltage be wrong.

Degradation of Media

Occasionally certain sectors of a hard drive may develop bad sectors/areas. When this happens, your hard drive may attempt to read data, but it will be unable to complete it sourcing, resulting in data loss (in most cases this data can be recovered).